T.I.G.S. Power Technology

Water is the most powerful of the elements.
Running deep with swift power beneath the surface of our streets,
carrying a tremendous, untapped ability to generate electricity…Until now!
We are the future of electrical energy production.
T.I.G.S. Power Technology
Intensely powerful untapped energy…unseen and invisible to most.


MDL Enterprises, a pioneer in flow through generator technology, is changing the conversation and paradigm of practical energy creation using its Patented T.I.G.S. (Torqueless Iron-free Generator Stator) Power Technology. To help promote, develop, and commercialize this technology, MDL Enterprises has formed Aqua Dynamic Power Solutions LLC, the exclusive licensee of T.I.G.S. Power Technology for hydro-powered renewable energy resources.

T.I.G.S. Power Technology has no iron in its core, which allows for a virtually resistance-free startup. Due to the changes in the stator, our systems now have a “flow-through” design. We have increased the size of the rotor (impeller) to allow fluids (water, air, etc.) to flow through the middle of the rotor and it allows those fluids to be used as the motive force for the rotation of the rotor.

Inline Water Power Production

Our water-driven electrical generation model is the only INLINE power production device in the world that does not use a shaft to drive an external generator and lose power and efficiency. This is a revolutionary advancement over “conventional” power generation technology. There are ZERO shafts penetrating any piping, thus also eliminating the potential for leaks or any contamination being introduced into the water supply.

T.I.G.S. Power Technology has the ability to produce usable electrical power in places and conditions never before deemed possible with current electric generators; the water system and water mains. This is a clean, renewable energy power source using a resource that all modern cities have and up until now, the ability to utilize the water system to generate continuous electrical power has not been realized due to impracticalities involved with this type of energy production.

Aqua Dynamic Power Solutions LLC has dramatically changed that.

The T.I.G.S. Power Technology model was placed into an 8-inch water line test fixture,  that we have running at approximately 1/8 the flow velocity of an actual city water line, to generate electrical power and demonstrate proof of concept with this radical technology breakthrough. This allows us to demonstrate the viability of generating electricity 24/7, 365 days a year by using existing city water lines to generate electricity in a manner no one else has been able to accomplish. The unique flow-through design allows us to place numerous devices in a series or parallel configuration with minimal impact on power production.

Multiple T.I.G.S. Power Technology units can be placed in a system due to their extremely small footprint and size, providing a much needed Renewable Energy resource for any community.

Our Series-Parallel Array Technology innovation could potentially be an astonishing Renewable Energy resource used as a supplement to building and facility power demands.

With cities converting to new, more efficient LED lighting, this makes the production of power using T.I.G.S. Power Technology in the untapped resource of the water system easier, more convenient, and makes great economic sense. Municipalities that own their water infrastructure, would own their own power production systems and could eventually become a utility provider for their citizens. The cost savings that can be afforded by owning the equipment and reducing high-cost electricity payments to utility providers for streetlights and other infrastructure should more than quickly pay for itself.

The FUTURE TECH that we envision is the ability to inductively charge electric vehicles when they are stopped or waiting at places like stoplights or city-owned facilities. The vehicles could be fitted with unique RFID tags and a meter, placed at the stoplight or other charging location, would read the vehicle, commence charging, and record the electricity used. The city could then charge the owner for the power used, much like toll roads and toll tags do currently.

Car manufacturers like Tesla, GM, BMW, and others are focusing more on electric vehicles every day. With our technology and FUTURE TECH advancements, we can lead the world in providing practical solutions to remedy range issues that most electric vehicles experience. This would allow electric vehicles to have a greater impact in the world and on its climate and would rapidly promote a broader range of use and acceptance.

Our system is very scalable and can be made to fit almost any size water line in use today. It can be placed in pumped or gravity fed systems and will constantly produce power.

By using hydraulic forces and new designs, we can manipulate the system to produce power with no obstructions to the flow of water in any system. This creates a much simpler means of capturing the power of water to create usable electrical power.

Night testing of T.I.G.S. Power Technology test device using three  3W 230 lumens LED lights.

For the working model, we made the stator (power generating portion) smaller so that we may show how the magnetic field rotates with the flow of the water stream. In real-world applications, the stator would be much larger as we would not need to remove a portion of it for demonstration purposes.

The slight flicker is due to the frequency drop caused by the lower flow rate of the water through the model due to expansion from a 4 inch supply line to an 8-inch line where the model is located. This would not present any issue in our dogleg off of a city water main.

We have created a conceptual architectural model of the T.I.G.S. Power Technology generating system. This concept represents just one method of installation and power distribution for powering streetlights for public safety and security.

Our future endeavors and goals are to be able to provide power under the top surface of the roadway to inductively charge electric vehicles as they pass over the charging loop. This is a perfect marriage of T.I.G.S. Power Technology and the Electric Vehicle Industry. The T.I.G.S. Power Technology system would constantly be providing power to the charging loop from the water flowing through the water mains.

According to an article in Green Technology from 2009 (https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/micro-hydro-a-hidden-source-of-urban-megawatts-5878), inline water power generation has a potential market of $30 Billion worldwide. That number has presumably only gone up thus making water utilities an untapped resource and T.I.G.S. Power Technology a revenue Goliath.

Unlimited Possibilities and Opportunities

The areas of application for T.I.G.S. Power Technology are abundant and virtually limitless…micro-grid energy enhancements using renewable resources, Earth-friendly utility-grade power production by reducing fossil fuel consumption, electric vehicle mileage improvement, remote camps and hunting outposts for off-grid applications, city lighting supplementation for disaster response or everyday use, and military and government deployment in places where fuel is scarce or hard to acquire. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the uses for this new technology.

The world is consuming more energy than ever, with only limited resources available to keep up. Wouldn’t a better way to create that energy is the most beneficial way to use and save those resources? Daily, more than 1 billion people go without electricity for even the most basic of needs, the INNOVATION BREAKTHROUGH that the T.I.G.S. Power Technology provides can be the solution to those people in need.

Founders and Executive Board


Founders and Executive Board

A. Michael Baca


Mr. Baca is Co-Founder, President, and Executive Director of Research and Development for MDL Enterprises LLC, as well as President of Aqua Dynamics Power Solutions LLC. Mr. Baca is a self-motivated and a goal-oriented individual that blends outstanding cross-functional qualifications regularly utilizes unique innovations and broad-spanning resourcefulness to solve diverse challenges. Mr. Baca previously served five years as District Manager for SCP Global Technologies, managing over 65 technicians throughout the United States.

Mr. Baca also served as Director of Operations for Calyxes, an R&D company, whose novel Vacuum Freezing Multi-Phase Transformation process separated chemicals (e.g., Arsenic, Xylene, and MTBE) from water.  Mr. Baca then served a six-year tenure as Vice President of Operations for ThermPlate, a subsidiary of Calyxes, during which time he transformed the company into a fully automated manufacturing facility. Mr. Baca has 7 issued patents and several pending in various fields, including, but not limited to the renewable energy field.

Don Wichers

Vice President

Executive Director of Project Development

Mr. Wichers is Co-Founder and Vice President of MDL Enterprises LLC and Aqua Dynamic Power Solutions LLC. He and the others started MDL after realizing a need for better, more efficient alternative and renewable energy sources.  He has been integral in the design and prototyping of various new products and ideas that MDL is pursuing.

Mr. Wichers has spent 30 years working on mechanical and electrical systems, including automated robotics systems, large hydro turbine power plants, a semiconductor manufacturing facility water purification plant, and numerous other ventures.

Mr. Wichers was a Principal at SALtech Corporation. SALtech Corp invented and patented numerous water treatment and purification systems using light at specific UV wavelengths to destroy harmful organisms within the water.

Mr. Wichers is a prior graduate of the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program.  He qualified as a Mechanical Systems Operator and an Engineering Laboratory Technician (MM/ELT) aboard nuclear-powered vessels and was an instructor of nuclear power plant and steam generator chemistry controls, engineering and mechanical space systems, and nuclear power plant radiological controls.

Luis Ortiz Esq.

Secretary-Treasurer and Legal Counsel

As a Co-Founder of MDL Enterprises LLC, Mr. Ortiz brings experience as an engineer, inventor, and registered patent attorney.  He provides valuable input and counsel to MDL regarding engineering technology principles, the protection of intellectual property, business operations and marketing.  He is responsible for setting intellectual property strategies, as well as overseeing the protection of MDL’s intellectual property assets.

Mr. Ortiz received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering technology from New Mexico State University, and MBA from University of Phoenix and Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico.  He is a founding member of the intellectual property law firm of Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC.  In addition to law, Ortiz has helped several startup businesses over the past eight years in the fields of wireless data communication applications, nanotechnology, water/air purification, and commercial real estate development.

Luis M. Ortiz has an AV® Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubble and has more than twenty-five years experience counseling and representing clients in intellectual property matters including litigation, licensing, patent and trademark prosecution, patent/trademark portfolio development strategies. Luis is licensed to practice law before New Mexico State Courts, Texas State Courts, Federal District Courts for New Mexico and Eastern District of Texas, the Federal Court of Claims, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and as a “registered patent attorney” before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Luis is also a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP®). Luis retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, after thirty years of service.

Technical fields of practice: Electrical/Electronic Systems, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Mechanical/Robotic Systems Computer hardware, software and architecture, Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies, Semiconductors, Analog/digital electronics, Nanotechnology

.Affiliations: American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), American Bar Association (ABA), National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP), Licensing Executives Society (LES).

State Bars of New Mexico & Texas, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. District Courts, New Mexico and Eastern District of Texas, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, U.S. Court of Federal Claims.



 Geronimo “Jerry” Sandoval

CEO and Executive Director of Business Development

Geronimo “Jerry” Sandoval, a native Santa Fean retired as the Director of Economic, Community and Business Development for the New Mexico Department of Indian Affairs. His work included working with all New Mexico tribal communities to include the pueblos and the three nations. Prior to the Indian Affairs Department, he was the Native American Liason and the Southwestern Regional Representative for the New Mexico Economic Development Department.  With over 30 years of extensive experience in both the public and private sector, he assisted numerous companies, communities, entrepreneurs to include tribal governments, tribal enterprises, section 17, numerous 8(a) companies, housing authorities in economic, business and community development projects.

Prior to his career in Economic Development, Mr. Sandoval had an accomplished career in the electrical industry. As an electrical instructor at CNM, he prepared students for successful careers in the residential, commercial and Industrial electrical fields.

He completed all certifications to include his journeyman apprenticeship, was an accomplished electrical contractor, a project manager in numerous projects, large shopping centers to include working at the Intel facility in Rio Rancho.

The highlights of his career include the positions he held as the Chief Electrical Inspector and Zoning Administrator for the City of Santa Fe, the State Electrical inspector for the state of New Mexico Construction Industries and Licensing Department.  He spoke at numerous summits, seminars and workshops and started the electrical program for homeowners at Santa Fe Community College, where he was a part-time electrical instructor for several years. He was appointed to numerous commission and committees throughout his career to include the New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Committee.

Jose Griego Ph.D.

Executive Director of Marketing and International Trades

Jose Griego, Ph.D., is an accomplished and open-minded critical thinker and author. He has represented two large European renewable energy companies seeking to build industrial level solar farms in the USA. He began Northern New Mexico College’s Baccalaureate of Science degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on solar energy. He is one of two university presidents in the USA to lead political and national accreditation processes to transform a community college into a four-year college.

Dr. Griego has 33 years of administrative experience in higher education, including President of Northern New Mexico College (NNMC), Academic Dean of NNMC, Principal of Penasco Schools, Research Analyst for NM Commission on Higher Education, the NM State Department of Education, and the NM Legislative Education Study Committee. Dr. Griego curated the 1992 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington, DC, as well as the Guadalupe Historic Foundation in Santa Fe, NM. Upon retirement, Dr. Griego served as the liaison for Munich Energy Partners (Germany), as well as Andaltia LLC (Spain), for whom he worked to bring industrial level solar farms to the USA. Dr. Griego is an open-minded critical thinker with a published book of short stories through the Museum of New Mexico Press. As a member of a Ford Foundation team, Dr. Griego worked as a consultant to establish a community college system in China (1999).

Vladimir Vuksan

Executive Director of Technical Operations Systems and Software Development

Vladimir Vuksan, MSCS, has worked in technical operations, systems engineering and software development for over 15 years. He was one of the early employees at Fastly, one of the top 10 fastest growing B2B tech companies of the last 30 years, where he is currently Manager of the Solutions Architecture group.

Prior to Fastly, he worked at Broadcom, Mocospace, Rave Mobile Safety, Demandware, and the University of New Mexico implementing high availability solutions and building tools to make managing and running infrastructure easier. He is also one of the developers of Ganglia, an incredible useful performance tracking and trending solution and a co-author of O’Reilly Media book “Monitoring with Ganglia”.

Thomas A. Crow

Investment Strategist

Tom has been managing investments since June of 2000 and is now responsible for the investment positions in all client portfolios, as well as writing monthly market commentaries and periodic securities memorandums.

After graduating from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM in 1990 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a concentration in Laser and Electro-Optics, he went to work for Decade Optical Systems, Inc., in Albuquerque as an electro-optical engineer and later division director. After eight years with the small defense contractor, he had also acquired an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Albuquerque. In mid-2000 he took the opportunity to employ his business and technical skills and accepted an invitation to join Asset Management.

Tom’s technical background affords him a thorough understanding of the “new-economy,” high-tech business world dominated by computers, semiconductors, lasers, fiber optics, and advanced telecommunications. His small-business experience provides the technical, fundamental, and economic analysis, marketing, and management skills needed to build on the company’s well-established base. His close association with the Baynes, even beyond their retirement at the end of 2005 ensures the continuation of the integrity of the family tradition, attention to detail, and primary focus on excellence in client service and meticulous attention to detail.

Tom serves on the school board for Hope Christian School in Albuquerque, where his children attend and is acting president of the Hope Foundation. Tom also serves on the Board of Quintessence Choral Artists of the Southwest.

Tracy L. Modica

Assistant Director of Project Development

Tracy L. Modica is company owner of TLM Enterprises, for over 18 years, where he conducts general construction and rehabilitation work. Mr. Modica also has formal training in Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair and General Motors Advanced Drivability and Computer Diagnostics. He is a member of Local 423 Union, Theatrical and Stage Rigging Union. He is also a pyrotechnics event technician in New Mexico and Colorado since 1998, with certification from Pyrotechnics Guild International.

Mr. Modica has certifications in the following areas of expertise: Automotive, Wiring Harness, Assembly and Install, Multiple Hydraulic Systems Installation, and Wood Working, to name just a few. Mr. Modica is also certified in EMT Basic Triage and Advanced Lifesaving and First Aid Training.

Mr. Modica has government clearances with the following State and Federal organizations: Albuquerque Police and Fire Department, Santa Fe Police and Fire Departments, Albuquerque Bomb Squad, NCIC, US Dept of Homeland Security, US Dept of Justice/BATF, and the Secret Service.

MDL’s intellectual property portfolio:

9,291,153 Fluid driven electric power generation system

8,791,586 Fluid driven electric power generation system

8,362,635 Wind-driven electric power generation

8,143,737 Fluid driven electric power generation system

8,067,852 Fluid driven electric power generation system

7,868,476 Wind-driven electric power generation system

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